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Justin Bieber fakta

Navn: Justin Drew Bieber
Født: 1.mars 1994 i Stratford, Ontario
Foreldre: Pattie Mallett og Jermey Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber er en canadisk artist innen genren pop ogR&B. Han ble oppdaget på YouTube av Scooter Braun, som senere ble hans manager. Braun sendte Bieber til Atlanta, Georgia for et møte med Usher og for å skrive en platekontrakt med Island Records, hvor han begynte sin profesjonelle karriere.

-Justin loves watching the trailers before movies
-Justin said he would never tell a girl he loved her unless he meant it
-Justin doesn't like wedges on girls
-His grandma was a great piano player.
-Justin's neck hurts sometimes from reading textbooks in his bed.
-Justin says he can write a "kickass" song in around an hour.
-Justin is against abortion
-Justin doesn't like fighting with his parents- so if they're ever in a fight, he usually let's them talk
-Justin says he never used to hide his report card from his parents
-Justin's mom has a lot of celebrity crushes!
-Justin said he may be at some video stores to surprise fans when they go get Never Say Never on Blu Ray and DVD!
-Justin likes when Beliebers help eachother out
-His dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
-Justin's favorite song to perform is Down to Earth.
-Justin likes girls who don't dress slutty for Halloween- "Someone with an actual costume"
-Justin celebrates Canada Day more "hardcore" then The Fourth of July-Justin would definitely bring a girl home for Christmas
-Justin's doctor jokes about him getting Bieber fever when he's ill

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