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30 days - Justin Bieber

Day 1: First song you ever heard by Justin Bieber
Day 2: When you became a Justin Bieber fan
Day 3: First video you watched on his youtube page
Day 4: Favorite quote by Justin Bieber
Day 5: Favorite song by Justin Bieber
Day 6: Favorite Justin Bieber music video
Day 7: Favorite performance by Justing Bieber
Day 8: Favorite lyric
Day 9: Favorite album
Day 10: The day you saw him in concert
Day 11: Favorite picture of Justin Bieber
Day 12: Someone who would make a cute couple with Justin Bieber
Day 13: Someone who you would want to do a duet with Justin Bieber
Day 14: Something that you miss about Justin Bieber
Day 15: Your least favorite Justin Bieber song
Day 16: A Justin Bieber song you wished that had a music video
Day 17: Favorite lyric
Day 18: Favorite picture of Justin Bieber
Day 19:  What you love most about Justin Bieber
Day 20: Have you ever met Justin Bieber? If so, tell the story :D
Day 21: Something that both you and Justin Bieber do (common interest, habbit...)
Day 22: Hair- old or new?
Day 23: How long you've been a belieber
Day 24: How Justin Bieber has impacted your life
Day 25: Times you've seen Never Say Never
Day 26: Number of songs you have on your iPod by Justin Bieber
Day 27: Justin Bieber song that you're sick of hearing
Day 28: Your reaction if you were the one less lonely girl
Day 29: Most played Justin Bieber song on your iPod (&how many times?)
Day 30: What you would say to Justin Biber if you ever met him <3


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