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Dear Justin!

Hvis du ikke klarer lese dette, s str det:

Dear Justin Bieber, You may not realize it, when you look out into the audience and see thousands of screaming girls at your concert, but each and every one of those screaming girls, is a story. A story of how they lost friends because they support you, a story of all the arguments they were in with their parents because they are too obsessed, a story of all the shit they get from people at school because they are a fan, a story of crying because they know they will never be with you, the person they love. A story of a girl who is struggling to survive her day because she is a Belieber. A girl who has tried so hard to come see you on that night, A girl who used all her savings, begged her parents, worked for the money, and did EVERYTHING she could to make this moment happen. But they do it all because of you. Because you are their inspiration, their role model, the person that they know will always be there for them, the person they know will make them happy. You may not see it when you look into the crowd, but they are all individual people who each have a different story behind them. You may not see it, but I do. Because I'm one of them!

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